The 6th Internal Meeting has been held in Roma, IT

Twice a year, the HERACLES consortium is gathering to exchange progress and views on the work that has been done during the last 6 months.


The 6th internal meeting - M36 was held by CNR at the Villa Palestro (Aula 4) in Roma, IT from March 25 to 27, 2019.


All the partners of the project were present, and the presentations of all WP were displayed to the audience by each WP leader.


The first day was dedicated to the presentations of WP 1 to WP 4 and ended with a constructive discussion.


The second day was dedicated to the presentations of WP 5 to WP 10 and the presentation of the demo. The meeting day ended with a social dinner organized at the Terrazza Caffarelli.


The third day was dedicated to the presentation of the scientific and financial situations, interWPs discussion and a meeting of the steering committee.