Winter School 2019 (18-19/03/2019 - Perugia, IT)

The last HERACLES Winter School "Monitoring Technologies for Enhancing Environmental and Structural Resilience of Architectural Heritage" will be held at the University of Perugia (Italy) on Monday March 18th and Tuesday 19th.


Monday, March 18th - Monitoring and diagnostic technologies for preventive conservation of architectural heritage


14:00   Opening session by F. Ubertini (PI of UNIPG in HERACLES project); G. Gigliotti (DICA Vice-Chair); V. Pane (Delegate for the Board of Engineers of Perugia)
14:10    G. Padeletti (CNR-ISMN)–“HEritage Resilience Against CLimate Events on Site-HERACLES Project: Mission and Vision”
14:40   M. Costantini (e-Geos)–“Satellite radar interferometry: introduction and application to building structural assessment”
15:00   G. Milani (Politecnico di Milano)–“Fast seismic vulnerability evaluation of towers and churches by means of an adaptive NURBS linear kinematic FE limit analysis”
15:30   F. Clementi (Università Politecnica delle Marche)–“The Non-Smooth Contact Dynamics method for the analysis of masonry structures”
16:00   A. Formisano (Università di Napoli “Federico II”)–“Seismic vulnerability of masonry building aggregates and risk analysis of historical centres”
16:30   Coffee break
16:50   F. Ubertini (Università di Perugia)–“HERACLES SHM and structural diagnostic activities in Gubbio”
17:10   I. Venanzi (Università di Perugia)–“Seismic damage localization in historic structures through online FEM calibration”
17:30   E. García-Macías (Università di Perugia) –“Seismic interferometry for SHM of historic structures”
17:50   F. Cluni, V. Gusella, G. Vinti (Università di Perugia)- "Thermographic analysis of plastered masonry walls"


Tuesday, March 19th - Environmental monitoring and diagnosis for enhancing cultural heritage resilience to climate change


9:00    Welcome by F. Cotana (Coordinator of PhD in Energy and Sustainable Development) and A.L. Pisello (Chair of Session 2)
9:10   M. Folegani (Sistema) –“Climate change and extreme weather conditions analysis in HERACLES sites”
9:30   N. Cavalagli (Università di Perugia) –“Mechanical characterization of historic materials in HERACLES sites”
9:50   G. Padeletti (CNR-ISMN) - "From the study of the past new solutions for the future"
10:10   P. Pouli (Forth, Greece) –“Monitoring and Mapping of Deterioration Products on Cultural Heritage Monuments Using portable Imaging and Laser Spectroscopy instrumentation” (Recorded video presentation)
10:30   Federica Rosso (Sapienza Università di Roma) -“Smart and traditional materials for enhancing CH resilience to cli-mate change”
10:50   Coffee break
11:10   I. Catapano, G. Ludeno (CNR-IREA) – “Ground Penetrating Radar: a tool for non invasive surveys of infrastructures and historical assets"
11:30   I. Pigliautile (Università di Perugia) – “Wearable environmental monitoring: a new experimental prototype exploited within HERACLES project”
11:50   A.L. Pisello (Università di Perugia) – “Microclimate change in cultural heritage: the effect on outdoor comfort, heritage conservation and energy demand”
12:10   J. Moßgraber (Fraunhofer IOSB) – “From Sensor to Decision -ICT tools to support the management of Cultural Heritage”
12:30   C. Balocco (Università di Firenze) - ”Microclimatic and biological monitoring as integrated approach for conservation of cultural heritage. A case study at the Palatina Library in Parma”
12:50   Closing session



Aula Magna
University of Perugia
Engineering Campus
Via G. Duranti, 93
06125 Perugia


Organizing Committee:

Filippo Ubertini (Chair)
A.L. Pisello, N. Cavalagli, I. Pigliautile